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威揚金藝本著「結合傳統工藝與及現代設計」作為產品的創作原則;致力開拓度身訂造之24K金箔畫及24K足金包金擺設為禮品,為企業打造給予客戶各式各樣別樹一幟的禮品。公司打破傳統以水晶紀念獎座作禮品的概念,推出獨有的金箔產品,所有產品均由24K 足金鑄成,增添產品高貴感的同時,亦為收禮者帶來美好回憶。因此,金箔畫漸成為時尚尊貴的送禮佳品。





Love Knots, founded in 2007, is a member of Mingo Consultants Limited. It is principally engaged in gift designing and products promoting. Through continuous explorations of the art components of traditional gifts and the fusion of modern design concepts, Love Knots endeavours to establish a fashionable gold foil premium trend and blend modern elements together with the culture of the dazzling gold foil gifts by utilizing contemporary technology, which totally shape the stylish, uniqueness and artistic side of the masterpieces.


The mission of Love Knots' products creation is "Blending Traditional Crafts with Modern Design Concepts". The Company is committed to offering tailor-made 24K gold foil paintings and 24k pure gold premium goods to corporate customers, thus adding value to their businesses. Instead of giving out traditional crystal trophies, the culture of gift-giving has undergone a revolution after Love Knots' introduction of its unique and Chinese style gold foil products. The gold foil products are made of 24K pure gold, which enhance the elegance of the premium goods and pay deep respect to the receivers. Therefore, gold foil paintings have now become the perfect pick of business corporations.


All Love Knots' products are handmade and are masterpieces of skilled craftsmen. Enthusiasm and talents of the craftsmen are the soul of the production, which endue spirits and lives to the products. The Company is highly concerned about the quality of all products. Quality monitoring, checking, and judgments are conducted by professional technicians. The quality is therefore highly recognized by the customers, the industry, and the Asian market.




企業禮品 Corporate Gifts



Our knowledge and capabilities have over the years allowed us to become the preferred partner of corporate premium and award solutions. We offer unique and one-stop solutions to help you to create memorable gifts for your precious clients and staffs.  


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