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About Dynasty International Group Holdings Ltd.










Founded in 2007, Dynasty International Group Holdings Limited is a corporate experiencing rapid growth, with strong performance and financial strength. Members (brands) include Love.Knots and Wine's Link Limited. It is principally engaged in the design, sales and corporate gifts, premiums and red wine (wholesale and retail) services. The professional design team's unrivalled experience enables it to create and develop various kinds of products. By introducing the unique features of traditional gifts as well as the design concepts of contemporary technology, the Group successfully shapes the classy yet modern side of the masterpieces.


Despite the vigorous market competition, Dynasty still manages to stand out conspicuously among all competitors with its modern design, excellent product qualities and intimate services. The Group provides "one-stop" corporate gifts services, starting from design, production, packaging to delivery to various enterprises, government organizations and non-government organizations. The Group tailor makes unique corporate gifts with 24k gold foil and 24k gold filled according to the notions of clients' hallmarks or businesses.


All Dynasty's products are handmade and are masterpieces of skilled craftsmen who endue spirits and lives to the products. The Company is highly concerned about the quality of every product. Quality monitoring, checking, and judgments are conducted by professional technicians. The quality is therefore highly recognized by the Asian market and the industry.


Between 2008 and 2010, The Group received the "Caring Company Logo". In 2009, the Group was awarded the "SME Entrepreneurship Award" by the Hong Kong Chamber of Small and Medium Enterprises Business Limited. This fully reveals how the Group demonstrated its comparative advantage of flexibility in echoing the volatile economic changes. "Bridging People, Bonding Soul" is the Group's objective. This is achieved by providing quality services, shortening the distance among people and corporations, also creating values for various customers.

Gold price is on the rise, the Group is enthusiastic and optimistic about the outlook for the gold industry in the region. In the future, Love.Knots will be the main focus of the Group. The signature products are "the Pearl of the Orient", "Secret Garden", and "City Landmark Collection". It is expected Love.Knots would generate attractive returns in the coming years.


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