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金箔畫 Gold Foil Picture

金箔畫的結構形式主要分為三種:(1) 完全金箔;(2)金箔+絨沙金及;(3)金箔+樹脂。一幅幅完美無瑕的金箔畫全由專業的設計師精心設計而成,從創意開始,概念的安排、構圖的設計、工序的考慮,以致整體的效果,每一個步驟及細節都能彰顯設計師的巧妙心思。


專業工匠根據設計圖嚴選金箔材料(24k 純金)進行切割、研磨、拋光、捲曲、敲打、塑型、叠制及黏貼等,繼而成為手工精美的畫芯。再由畫芯,外卡,畫框等組件裝配成為巧奪天工的手工藝術品。






The constructions and the formation of Gold Foil Pictures are mainly divided into 3 categories: 1) Full Gold Foil; 2) Gold Foil + Flannelette Gold; 3) Gold Foil + Resin. All flawless Gold Foil Pictures are decently designed by professional designers, starting from ideas, arrangements, composition designs of the pictures, working procedures, to the picture perception as a whole. The skills of the designers are demonstrated through every step and detail throughout the production.


Professional craftsmen carefully select 24K pure gold foils according to the blueprint and transformed them into the exquisite picture core after cutting, grinding, polishing, rolling, rapping, shaping, piling up and sticking. The core, the gauge and the frame are assembled into a skillful and marvelous handwork.


The second type of Gold Foil Pictures, that is the Gold Foil + Flannelette Gold, employs the techniques of crafting toreutics. Professional craftsmen carefully select classy metals (silver, copper alloy) as the base mold and plate 24K pure gold (99.9%) onto the metal surface by using advanced technology. Every flannelette gold product is made to perfection after the following procedures: carving, molding, wax shaping and polishing, silver paste coating, electrical copper casting, electrical gold casting, polishing, wax removing, cleaning and drying. The vigor of the pictures is enhanced with different themes. The Gold Foil Pictures are just the perfect gifts for corporate clients.


Spraying gold on resin is a very common technique used in Gold Foil Pictures creation. Resin is a raw material of petroleum and is a kind of hot hardening plastics with high malleability. It can be made into various handcrafts with vivid appearances. To harmonize the overall complementary impression and the elegancy of the art work, gold is sprayed or 24k gold foil is pasted on the resin to avoid color fading, symbolizing eternity.

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