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包金擺設 Gold Plated Figurine



1) 把精修過的蠟模(複模)塗上銀油至乾透,再接上導電銅枝;
2) 先鍍銅成高剛硬性的合金,再轉入24K純金液化缸做電極化處理;
3) 在電解作用下,複模表面逐漸沉積出金屬電鑄層,達到所需厚度的黃金包膜,再從溶液中取出;將電鑄層與複模分離,     獲得與複模形狀相對應的包金複製件;
4) 電極化後便可除蠟,從而打磨、拋光、檢驗等。一件栩栩如生的純包金攞設傑作正式完成。


Every Gold Plated Figurine is a hard work. Professional designers design the composition and create the overall impression of the product upon the client’s request. Experienced sculptors then carve the original molds and clone them into wax molds ready for production after careful modifications. The surface of the Gold Plated Figurine is entirely covered with 24K gold and has the appearance of velvet and therefore it is also known as velvet gold. The complements in the interior part used for shaping are precious metallic silver and copper. After professional polishing, the beauty of gold is further enhanced. The Gold Plated Figurines are noble yet elegant.


The Production Procedures of a Gold Plated Figurine:
Silver ink is applied on the amended wax mold (the clone), left to dry and connected to electrical conducting copper rods;
Copper is turned into a rigid alloy and is put into the liquefied 24K gold liquid tank to be polarized;
Under the reaction of electrolysis, an electroformed gold layer is deposited on the surface of the mold. The mold is removed from the solution until the gold layer has developed into the desired thickness. The electroformed gold layer is separated from the mold and the corresponding gold plated clone is therefore obtained; 
Wax is removed after electrolysis and a lifelike Gold Plated Figurine is constructed after grinding, polishing and examining.

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